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  • Chargers Consumer Guidelines

    Due to poor quality charger threat to users' personal and property safety, to remind consumers to buy mobile phone charger can not be sloppy, buy cell phone battery charger, the best from the best brands, reputation and service-oriented the enterprises to choose their own products.

  • Talking about the quality of mobile phone charger

    And user safety and health is directly linked to safety and electromagnetic compatibility issues there is a big problem in the quality of mobile phone charger products on the market, which would threaten the quality of the people.

  • World power plug

    2-pin plug: 2 pin plug name suggests is a plug has two blades or two pins, specific inserts or pins, each country is not the same standard, for example, China is the two blades, Europe is two round pins.

  • Power plug safety precautions

    Safety: Learn safety plug socket, at the time of purchase and use, grasp the following points to ensure the safety of your family and property.

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