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USB small socket times


  Live in a hotel, you must be too small for the hotel outlet or not in the vicinity of the bed and made a worry.Especially for business people who travel frequently,ordinary sockets can only meet the needs of the computer,mobile phones,tablet can only be charged through the USB on the computer.Meet emergency needs to go out,the device isn′t fully charged,and my heart full of insecurity.

  Well, there is nothing to help the hotel to solve this problem, so that the hotel once and for all?This new technology may USB socket what could be done for the hotel guests.The new technology USB 2.1A smart socket ultrafast charge, with smart charging chip.Integration is higher, the performance is stronger, the charging efficiency is as high as 20min60%.Match the original charger , hotel guests don′t have to be afraid without original plug and bad charge their electronic devices.Hotel guests in the event of an emergency to go out.As long as the new technology USB socket fast charging for a while, you can feel at ease to go out.   

  To see the appearance of it,there are 2 USB charging port and 2 normal.Two USB jacks to support the normal guest UBS charging requirements,mobile phone, tablet, camera and so on can be fast charging.Even if all the jacks have to spend , don′t crowded.