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The new USB socket


Now we have more and more equipments in the hands of the using of USB interface. For example, USB mobile phone charger interface, USB interface speakers, and so on.Many users often consider old home wall socket is not be updated, for a USB interface, you can charge the phone directly to the socket.This socket is good, but the original socket on the wall to be completely replaced, resulting in a waste of resources. Recent foreign crowdfunding is a new USB socket , no need to replace the socket body. Just increase the USB interface, so it will not cause a waste.

The new USB socket come out

 When it comes to the socket, presumably this is everyone familiar with the household necessities.Although the entrance is all powered equipment , but more often are discarded socket in a dark corner , silently eating ash. I do not know when, sockets are starting to become beautiful ,  and today we are concerned that the small new USB smart socket.

This creative USB socket in use is very simple, just need to remove the wall of the original socket.New housing can be installed on .Plug the middle position, leaving about two to two contact copper.The position of the connecting column of the zero line and the line of fire can be directly contacted with the position of the terminal.After the installation is complete, we can use the bottom of the USB interface for mobile phones and other devices to charge.