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VG200-A USB wall plate charger for Duplex receptacle


Model No.:VG-200 


Material:94V0 Fireproof plastic material

Dual USB Ports

USB Charging Range:Phone,Pad, Pod,PDA,MP3/MP4,Bluetooth,etc. 

Rate Voltage:90-264V Input Current:500mA Input Voltage:100~240V 

Output Voltage:Total 5V3.1A 



cETL,FCCVOC,ICES Approval DOE Efficiency Level VI

Compatible for: 15A 125V US 2Prongs/3Prongs duplex outlet with two straight slot 


1) Adopt excellent chip, with constant voltage,constant current,over temperature,over voltage,over current protection 

2) High quality 94V0 Fireproof plastic material,safety and fashionable 

3) Charge most compatible electrical devices directly without an adapter 

4) No installation required, can be replaced a USA standard duplex/Decor receptacle in seconds, more energy saving, durable and environmental 

5) With dual USB port, for Android and Apple series products 

6) 1 LED status light indicator  

Now we use USB interface to the hands of more and more devices, such as mobile phone charger USB interface, USB interface, speakers and so on. Many users are often considered old home wall socket is not it should be updated, and for having a USB interface, you can directly phone charging socket. quick charger Such outlet is good, but the original original wall outlet to be completely replaced, resulting in a waste of resources. Recently a small new crowdfunding is a new USB socket, no need to replace the socket body, just increase the USB interface, so it will not cause waste.

The Creative USB socket when in use is very simple, just to the existing wall socket housing removed, can be installed on new housing. Socket middle position, leaving two left and right two copper contacts, direct access to the socket and FireWire zero line terminal's position to take power. After installation is complete, you can use the USB interface to the bottom of the mobile phones and other devices charged.

USB interface design is very reasonable for the side-mounted. Thus, even with a relatively large power adapter socket, it will not affect the normal operation of the USB interface.