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Talking about the quality of mobile phone charger


And user safety and health is directly linked to safety and electromagnetic compatibility issues there is a big problem in the quality of mobile phone charger products on the market, which would threaten the quality of the people.

Life and property safety. The following specific analysis of various quality problems: 1, electromagnetic compatibility: power supply terminal disturbance voltage, radiation harassment In order to maintain the power grid clean and ensure the safety and proper functioning of electrical equipment, GB9254-2008 "Information technology equipment - Radio disturbance characteristics - Limits and methods of measurement of" national standards are defined for a maximum of harassment made information technology electrical equipment. When the power supply terminal disturbance voltage exceeded, it may cause power grid power quality decline, causing nearby electrical failure or abnormal operation of work accidents. Excessive radiation may interfere with the normal work of other electronics or information technology equipment, and cause some harm to the human body. As the mobile phone charger universal switching power supply circuit, high-frequency switching device opening and closing generates high frequency harmonic signals, these high-frequency signal propagation through the power terminal through the grid, will bring environmental electromagnetic pollution, electromagnetic compatibility to meet standards, to increase the necessary interference suppression circuit.

2, clearances, creepage distances and distances through insulation According to GB4943-2001 "Safety Requirements for Information Technology Equipment" national standards, at different transient over-voltage, operating voltage and pollution degree conditions, clearances and creepage distances must be greater than the corresponding minimum limit for mobile phone charging is their primary and secondary circuit is a circuit between the reinforced insulation, clearances and creepage distances are not less than 4mm. 3, electrical insulation and dielectric strength According to GB4943-2001 "Safety Requirements for Information Technology Equipment" national standards, these products reinforced insulation shall withstand 3000V, 1 minute dielectric strength test. Dielectric products Strength test failed, may cause insulation failure, circuit breakdown, causing the user to the risk of electric shock, causing bodily harm or danger. 4, label and instructions Cell phone charger failure reasons mainly for non-rated, non-Chinese identity, unsigned Ⅱ type of equipment and the like. GB4943-2001 "Safety Requirements for Information Technology Equipment" national standard for product labeling and instructions with clear requirements: equipment should be marked with the power rating (voltage, frequency, current); shall be marked with the manufacturer's name or trade mark or identification mark ; shall be marked with the model number specified by the manufacturer or model flag. In terms of corporate management or supervisory authorities concerned, the lack of tags and descriptions will bring a lot of problems. Users can not determine the form of the power supply and current-carrying capacity in use, at the same time causing great difficulties for product traceability. When the product problems and other reasons require traceability of the product which is specifically a product, find the corresponding logo.

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